Advanced Trading Solutions


Advanced Trading Solutions, Inc. (ATS) was founded in 1997 by Sam Gabor who continues to be the company's President and Chief Technologist. ATS focuses on developing automation products and solutions primarily for the Depository Trust Corporation (DTC) and the Broadridge backoffice.

Prior to founding ATS, Sam held senior mangement positions at various firms, including Broadridge (formerly ADP Brokerage Services), as well as cofounding a web startup. Sam holds two graduate degrees from Columbia University (Mathematical Statistics and Computer Science) and is currently pursuing a third degree from Columbia as well.

From its founding, ATS adhered to the principle that a small, focused and well-managed team of developers can produce high-quality, innovative systems much more efficiently than larger development teams. ATS has consistently shown that the "smaller is better" approach to development works in the many systems delivered since 1997.

Mission and Values

ATS has adheres to a well-defined mission and a core set of values.

Our Mission

We develop innovative, cost-effective and timely software solutions to fully satisfy our clients' needs.

Our Values

These values guide us in our dealings with our clients:

  • Integrity: We tell it like it is
  • Competence: We recognize what we know and don't know
  • Passion: We love what we do and it shows in our work
  • Quality: We strive for perfection in everything we do