Advanced Trading Solutions

ATS Products Include:


T-Rex Transaction Automator
T-Rex supports automated, unattended transaction entry into back-end systems.

Using T-Rex, you can prepare your bulk transactions off-line and then upload them to the T-Rex Server. The T-Rex Server then enters the transactions on your behalf and sends you a detailed e-mail with status when the batch is completed.

Transactions supported include single and double-sided bookkeeping entries (BK1, BK2), trades (PS1, CROSS) as well as tax (RAJ, BKW) and stock record transactions (SR1).

Buy-Ins Processor

in collaboration with
Buy-Ins Buy-Ins Processor
Buy-Ins Processor automates all your major DTC SmartTrack responsibilities.

With the Buy-Ins Processor, you never have to manually match incoming buy-in requests from contra-brokers against your fail file. You also never have to issue manual buy-ins based on a complicated settlement calendar. The system automatically issues your buy-ins and responds to buy-ins issued against you.


Divine Dividend Automator
Divine automates tasks related to recurring dividend processing.

Divine bridges multiple disparate systems to streamline processing. For example, you can automatically send equity orders to the marketplace based on your dividend reinvestment needs list from the back office. Moreover, you can receive reconciliation reports which identify different payments between depositories (e.g. DTC, BONY, etc) and your back-office. You can also mass-update pending payment accounts for cash and positions.


QMon Order Network Monitor
QMon monitors your ESWITCH critical order and execution lines so you don't have to.

With QMon, you can rest assured that all your order and execution lines are being adequately monitored on a regular basis. Errors, such as Intercept conditions, building queues, etc are automatically flagged and delivered to you via email alerts so you can take further action.